Answering Objections to the Creation Calendar
Please use this page as an educational device.  If you can learn how to defend what you believe from Scripture or
from the historical or natural evidence, you will be that much more able to stand before your family, friends and
colleagues.  Also, please understand, the truth is not for everyone.  Some will hear, most will forebear.  It is NOT
your job to convince or convict, that is the job of the Set-Apart Spirit of YHVH.  It is your job to be faithful to the
evidence and a faithful witness.  Just sow the seeds when a window of opportunity arises; the soil will prove itself.

The truth is never popular, so when sharing the truth, you can expect opposition.  The best way to respond to this is
with patience, humbleness and the Word of YHVH.  Don't be surprised when some are not impressed to obtain the
knowledge of this truth.  At some point in their lives all men stumble over the truth.  Most pick themselves up, dust
themselves off, and go about their business as if nothing ever happened.

There is truly nothing new under the sun.  I have been collecting "objections" to the Creation Calendar for several
years now, and there are only a set number of objections that the nay-sayers seem to be able to come up with.  
There are some very ill-conceived objections that spring from the infertile minds of some of these misguided
nay-sayers.  These you can see in the various rebuttals I've made on the
Hall of Shame web page of this site.  I will
only cover the most common objections on this page.  At some point, I may consolidate some of these objections, as
a few are a just a different shade of the same objection.  But for now, I will cover all the bases I can.  Click on the
argument(s) below to see what I hope is an intelligent and appropriate response.  In no particular order, here they
1.  The Lunar Sabbath completely destroys Seventh-day Sabbath keeping.

2.  Lunar Sabbatarians base their interpretations of Scripture on the research of some critical scholars in the 19th
and early 20th centuries who assert erroneous positions.

3.  The Lunar Sabbath theory erroneously holds that the week has been lost and taken over by the papacy.

4.  If you observe the Lunar Calendar, the Sabbath can fall on any day of the week, causing a person to keep the
Sabbath on a day that is not sanctified by God, i.e. tuesday, thursday, even sunday.  

5.  The Sabbath cannot be regulated by the moon because the week was already well underway before the moon
was even created on day four.  

6.  The weekly seventh-day Sabbath has never been lost.  

7. The falling of manna in the wilderness proves that the Sabbath cannot be based upon the Lunar cycle.  Manna
fell for 6 days and Israel collected a double portion on the 6th day in preparation for the Sabbath.  There is no
mention of the lunar Sabbath.

8.  Keeping the Lunar Sabbath causes one to break the great Seventh-day Sabbath, the memorial of creation,
which goes back in unbroken sequence of seven days to that very first Sabbath of Genesis 2.

9.  Lunar Sabbath keeping is utterly incompatible with the Fourth Commandment, which says nothing about
establishing the weekly, seventh-day Sabbath on a lunar cycle.

10.  The Creator never calls the weekly Seventh-day Sabbath a mo’ed or one of the mo'edim.  This is a term used to
describe the annual feasts.

11.   There are 1.530588 days left over every lunar month which messes up the seven day week, every month.

12.  The Jews do not observe a lunar Sabbath.

13.  The weekly Sabbath is not anchored in any movement of heavenly bodies such as the moon other than the sun
with its evening-morning daily sequence.

14.  Deuteronomy 16:9 says NOTHING about counting 50 days from the morrow after the seventh Sabbath.

15.  The people who believe in the Lunar Sabbath are legalists.  Everyone knows that the law is no longer binding;
we are under the New Covenant.

16.  In acknowledgement of this contradiction, some Lunar Sabbath observers have started referring to the leftover
days at the end of the month as “non-days.”

17.  The Luni-solar calendar is Babylonian in origin.

18.  The Creation Calendar is too confusing.

19.  Over one hundred languages of the earth use the word “Sabbath” for Saturday.  For example, the Spanish
word for Saturday is “Sabado,” meaning Sabbath.

20.  Had the Sabbath been wrong at the time of Christ, he would have corrected it, and there has been accurate
records kept since then.

21.  A lunar Sabbath would imply that the Sabbath is part of the Israelite festivals (feasts), but everyone knows that
the Sabbath is not one of the feasts.

22.  The Sabbath rest was different from the rest required during the ceremonial Sabbaths. This indicates that there
was a type of work they were allowed to do during the festivals that was forbidden during the Sabbath.

23.  In Joshua 5:10-12 (comparing with Leviticus 23:10-14 which says to wave the sheaf on the morrow after the
Sabbath) Passover was on the 14th of Abib and wave sheaf was performed the next day (Abib 15).  Meaning,  that  
Satyrday Sabbath fell on Passover day that year (Abib 14).

24.  In Joshua 1:11, on the 8th day of the month Israel was commanded to prepare victuals before entering the land
of Promise on Abib 10.  So the 8th cannot be a Sabbath because YHWH would never ask Israel to cook on the

25.  The feast of Tabernacles is an 8 day feast meaning that the Sabbath mentioned in John 9:14 is the 23rd day of
the seventh month, rather than the 22nd.  

26.  The feasts were based on a luni-solar calendar, but this calendar does not supplant the original foundation of a
perpetually recurring seven-day cycle with the Sabbath occurring on the seventh of each week.