Tell the objector in your life that, yes, it does mess with the seven day week, every month.  It interrupts it.  The New
Moon segment is a third category of day; it is NOT a week day.  Ask the objector where they would put it?  As for me
and my house, we will serve YHVH by accepting His Word as supreme and not adding or diminishing aught from it.

According to the prophet, the gate to the inner court of the tabernacle will be closed on all SIX working days, but
open on the Sabbath and new moon (
Ezekiel 46:1).  I don't care how you slice it, new moon will never occur during
the work week.  Other prophets are in agreement.  
Amos 8:5, Isaiah 66:23, II Kings 4:23.  

It is the tradition of men that forces satyrday sabbatarians to THINK that the Sabbath is every seven days in an
unbroken sequence.  Scripture does not say this.  The calendar in the heavens does not say this.  Only the
pagan/papal calendar on the wall says this.  If they would take their eyes off the solar-only calendar of men, and
LOOK at the luminaries in the heavens, they might actually learn something.  

Ask the nay-sayer why he keeps his/her sabbath based on the authority of a pagan/papal calendar.  Ask them why
YHVH had to wait until the Gregorian Calendar was invented in 1582 before His calendar was correctly presented on
a calendar.

Ask them why YHVH embedded His annual Sabbaths (the feasts) in the cycles of the lights in the heavens, but YHVH
had to wait until 321 A.D. when satyrday was made the seventh day of the week by Constantine before His Sabbath
could be correctly observed.  Seems a shame to hide the correct day for Sabbath observance from mankind until
321 A.D.

The new moon interrupts the weekly cycle JUST like the Jubilee interrupts the land sabbath cycle.  The Jubilee cycle
proves the Lunar Calendar, and invalidates the nay-sayers complaint against new moon.  Interestingly enough, the
Jubilee is in perfect harmony with the Creation Calendar and its Lunar Sabbaths.

1.  The seventh day is the Sabbath, a cycle that is interrupted every month by new moon day.

2.  The seventh year is a Sabbatical year.  The land Sabbath cycle is interrupted every 49 years by a 50th year (the
year of Jubilee),
Leviticus 25:8-10.  Seven times seven years interrupted by ONE year that was not part of the 7
years before it or the 7 years after it.  You cannot sow or reap during the land Sabbaths (
Leviticus 25:2-5), and
you cannot sow or reap during the 50th year (
Leviticus 25:11).

3.  Seven weeks after the Sabbath of Unleavened bread you have Shavuot.   You number 7 Sabbath’s complete.  
This is a Hebrew idiom (figure of speech) for a complete week of 7 days.  New moon days are not week days and
interrupt this count.  See
Leviticus 23:15-16.  It does not say to number 50 days from wavesheaf, it says to number
WEEKS from wavesheaf.  When you get to morrow AFTER of the 7th Sabbath is complete THEN it says to number
50 days, not just one day.  The weeks (7) and the days (50) are two different segments of time measured
sequentially, and their respective starting points are NOT both at wavesheaf.  (7 weeks + the morrow after + 50

The 7th Sabbath is actually 51-52 days from wavesheaf if the new moon days are included, but it does not say to
count new moon days, it says to number 7 Sabbaths complete.
11.  There are 1.530588 days left over every lunar month which messes up the seven day
week, every month.
Objections to the Calendar of Creation: