There is nothing mind boggling about the Creation Calendar.  It is the most simplistic calendar imaginable.  If you
can go outside and look at the sun or moon, you have just done the hardest task involved with the Creation
Calendar.  Do not use your great intellect to your own destruction.  The man from Galilee said,
I thank thee oh
Father that you hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes.
 Matthew 11:25.  
Notice that the parables were not understood by the wise, the educated or the religious leaders, only the simple,
common man understood.  That is how simple the truth of any matter is.  If not, then only the wise can inherit the
kingdom making the Father a respecter of persons, discriminating against the less intelligent and less educated
among us.  To those who bring this argument to the table I respectfully suggest that you humble yourself before Yah
and examine His calendar again, leaving your bias at the door.

When our youngest was 4 years old, he and my wife were meeting a family friend in town.  Blake busied himself
while Mom chatted. On the way home, my wife pointed out the near full moon creeping over the trees on the eastern
horizon.  Blake said, "Yeah, I saw it back at Wal-Mart, it's not the Sabbath yet."  He was right, the Sabbath was two
days away.

At the same time we were seeing and accepting the Creation Calendar, we adopted an 8 year old daughter who had
never HEARD the word Sabbath before.  Early one morning, several months later, she and my wife were driving
home on the interstate.  A waning moon had been peeking in and out of the cloud cover.  At one point, my wife
pointed it out to Abigail, who commented, "Yeah, I've been watching if for a while.  It'll be the Sabbath in a couple of
days."  She was exactly right.  The third quarter moon, the 22nd day of that month (the lunar month, not Gregorian
month), was two days later.

At the next Passover, we invited several guests that we wanted to share this with.  We were unsure how to proceed
because their resistance to it had been pretty stiff.  At one point, our guest had said to my friend Jeff, "Can you
believe the Wilson's are keeping the Sabbath by the moon?"  And Jeff said, "Well good for them."  (The Wilson's are
our 80+ year old friends who had been studying with us.)  At that point, our guest did not know that Jeff and my
family were ALL keeping the Creator's calendar.  He was shocked.  A lengthy discussion/debate regarding the
Creator's Calendar ensued.  During this discussion, Blake was tugging at my pants leg.  "Daddy!  Daddy!" he said,
interrupting.  I shushed him more than once because he was interrupting.  "Daddy! Daddy!" he persisted.  Finally, I
acknowledged him.  "Daddy!" he whispered earnestly.  "Look," he said pointing to the full moon, "It's the Sabbath."  

The sun had gone down on Abib 14 (Passover) and a full moon proclaiming the Sabbath of Abib 15 had just risen.  
What our distinguished guest was denying our 4 year old boldly proclaimed in his presence.  HalleluYah!

A little child shall lead them.
18.  The Creation Calendar is too confusing.
Objections to the Calendar of Creation: