There are 106 languages, to be exact, that use some form of Sabbath for satyrday, the 7th day of the Gregorian
calendar.  Statistically, as an argument, this is so weak it boggles the mind.  There are over 10,000 languages and
dialects in the world today (plus the many old and lost ancient languages from yesteryear).  That means that one
tenth of one percent of languages call satyrday the Sabbath (or the equivalent).  Israel has been scattered to the
four corners of the earth.  Seems like they did not do a very convincing job of educating the masses.  Truth be told,
the word Satyrday for the seventh day only goes back as far as 321 A.D. and no further as it was the first day of the
week prior to that time.  Constantine changed it from the first day to the seventh day when venerating the sun.  

No doubt, some nations and languages picked this up and called saturday "sabbath" or the like, but it is out of
tradition, certainly not a command of Scripture.
19.  Over one hundred languages of the earth use the word “Sabbath” for Saturday.  For
example, the Spanish word for Saturday is “Sabado,” meaning Sabbath.
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