An open letter to Bob Trefz, Cherith Chronicle.
Dated 7-12-2008 on the pagan calendar

The fruit of your labor will help others to see what you cannot see
(because you will not to look).  

He that has ears to hear, let him hear...
(Unless you have time, print and read this at your leisure.  It's a doozy)
I have finally been able to convert my files to .pdf files, but I am not able to use hyperlinks and attachments, so I
have created a way for you to examine this rebuttal AND read the links too.  Here's how...

Open the main study below.  When you get to the places where I would have put a hyperlink to a study on my site,
(you can recognize them because I've                                          ) just go back to this page and click on that
particular study.  I have made it easier for you by having each open in its own browser window.  You can open them
all at once if you wish or one at a time.

Click here for the
Rebuttal to Bob Trefz.    

Jewelry study.

The Moon regulates the weekly Sabbath

8 Mistakes made using Colossians 2.

Colossians 2+  (Outline, Colossians 2 Helps, Handout #1, and Handout #2.  Polycrates and a Literal Colossians 2)
Josephus, Philo and the Essenes, and Paul

When does the Day Begin?
highlighted them in green