If not in 2012, then 2016 will be the target year to implement the New World Calendar.




I find it interesting that just as in everything else—the counterfeit comes AFTER the original.  The Father’s Creation
Calendar has a third category of day (new moon days) that does not count against the seven day work week.  
Ezekiel 46:1 proves that new moon days are not one of the six working days or a weekly Sabbath.  This concept is
supported by
Amos 8:5, Isaiah 66:23 and II Kings 4:23.

In 2012, the powers that be hope to enter into history the world calendar that will also have a third category of day
that does not count against the work week.  There will be a world day, a universal holiday that falls between
satyrday, the last day of december and sunday, the first day of january.  This day will INTERRUPT the cycle of
seven day weeks that satyrday Sabbatarians now enjoy.  To add insult to injury, there will be a leap day every 4
years that falls between satyrday, the last day of june, and sunday, the first day of july.  Another third category of

Remember, the counterfeit NEVER precedes the original.

Whoever is in charge, is in charge of the calendar.  The calendar you observe tells you when to work and when to
worship.  WHEN you worship tells heaven and the onlooking universe WHO you worship.  So getting the day right is
THAT serious.

Rome has already changed the calendar 4 times.  Rome changed the calendar in 153 BC (the first of the year from
march 1 to january 1), and in 46 B.C. when Julius Caesar ordered that Rome no longer calculate the months by the
moon, removing new moon days.  Later, in 321 A.D., Constantine adopted the 7 day planetary week in place of the
8 day Roman Republican calendar.  When adopting this pagan planetary week, he moved Satyrday from the first
day of the week to the seventh day, meaning that the CURRENT satyrday is the seventh day of the week ONLY by
virtue of a pagan/Christian Roman emperor.  Lastly, Pope Gregory XIII refined the Julian calendar in 1582, removing
10 days from the calendar count.  [Note: it is claimed that the order of days did not change in 1582, which is true.  
But does 7 go into 10 evenly?]

Now Rome is behind a fifth change.  See
Daniel 7:25.  Come out of her my people that ye not be partakers of her

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