Follow That Cloud Ministry

My wife is a 5th generation and I am a 4th generation satyrday Sabbath keeper.  Sabbath observance
is an organic part of who we are.  The move to a luminary-based Sabbath was neither easy, nor done
in haste.  However, this move was one of necessity after honestly examining the evidence.
We have nine children and moved from urban Florida to rural Missouri in the autumn of the Gregorian year
1998, where we purchased a 61+ acre parcel of unimproved land and started building.  We now have a home
large enough to accommodate us plus a few out-buildings.  To go in the chicken coop and barn, we have
several horses, a few cows, a dozen or so cats, lots of dogs, a gaggle of chickens and guinea hens, a pair of
doves, an elephant, a goldfish and a newt.  (Just kidding about the newt).  For the record, we spay and
neuter the animals we do not purposely intend to breed.  (
And for the gullible among us I'm JUST KIDDING
about the elephant too!  I can't tell you HOW many people have come here expecting to see our elephant.  
Perhaps my sense of humor needs polishing.  Oh well...

We have been home schoolers for since 1991.

We believe in the soon return of YHWH.  Soon, and very soon, we are going to see the King!

We wanted to raise our children in the country.  Apparently it was more than our children whom the Creator
planned to have benefit from the change of scenery.  In the solitude of nature's cathedral, we were
introduced to the Sacred Name of the Father and the Creator's other appointed times--the yearly festivals.  
After examining the evidence, we were convicted of heart to observe these  new-found "old truths".  We
began to home-church after our local congregation decided that we were no longer welcome.  Because of
their tradition, they could not tolerate that they might have been so many years in error.  We are not bitter,
but look at being cast out for His Name's sake as the best thing that could have happened to us.  From that
point on, we no longer were relying or leaning on the arm of flesh for our spiritual nourishment, we studied
together in our home and simply followed the Good Shepherd and the leading of His Set-Apart Spirit.

At Feast of Trumpets in the Gregorian year 2000, my wife said, "We keep the feasts by the moon.  Leviticus
23:1-3 says that the Sabbath is the first feast."  Then she asked, "Why don't we keep the Sabbath by the
moon?"  I hemmed and hawed, and, admit to my dismay, that I gave a very unsatisfactory answer.

In the spring of the Gregorian year 2002, we felt compelled to study the new moons.  We were convicted that
there was more to this segment of the Creator's calendar than met the eye and felt that we were not doing
everything we could to observe these days properly.  After three months of studying the new moons the
Set-Apart Spirit led us to see that the weekly Sabbath was indeed regulated by the moon.  The evidence for
this conclusion is found in the body of this website.

We invite you to study and decide for yourself why and how the Gregorian calendar is indeed a man-made
counterfeit to the original calendar of the heavens.  This isn't THAT hard to understand.  For instance...

When our youngest was 4 years old, he and my wife were meeting a family friend in town.  Blake busied
himself while Mom chatted. On the way home, my wife pointed out the near full moon creeping over the
trees on the eastern horizon.  Blake said, "Yeah, I saw it back at Wal-Mart, it's not the Sabbath yet."  He was
right, the Sabbath was two days away.

At the same time we were seeing and accepting the Creation Calendar, we adopted an 8 year old daughter
who had never HEARD the word Sabbath before.  Early one morning, several months later, she and my wife
were driving home on the interstate.  A waning moon had been peeking in and out of the cloud cover.  At
one point, my wife pointed it out to Abigail, who commented, "Yeah, I've been watching if for a while.  It'll be
the Sabbath in a couple of days."  She was exactly right.  The third quarter moon, the 22nd day of that month
(the lunar month, not Gregorian month), was two days later.

At the next Passover, we invited several guests that we wanted to share this with.  We were unsure how to
proceed because their resistance to it had been pretty stiff.  At one point, our guest had said to my friend
Jeff, "Can you believe the Wilson's are keeping the Sabbath by the moon?"  And Jeff said, "Well good for
them."  (The Wilson's are our 80+ year old friends who had been studying with us.)  At that point, our guest
did not know that Jeff and my family were ALL keeping the Creator's calendar.  He was shocked.  A lengthy
discussion/debate regarding the Creator's Calendar ensued.  During this discussion, Blake was tugging at
my pants leg.  "Daddy!  Daddy!" he said, interrupting.  I shushed him more than once because he was
interrupting.  "Daddy! Daddy!" he persisted.  Finally, I acknowledged him.  "Daddy!" he whispered earnestly.  
"Look," he said pointing to the full moon, "It's the Sabbath."  

The sun had gone down on Abib 14 (Passover) and a full moon proclaiming the Sabbath of Abib 15 had just
risen.  What our distinguished guest was denying our 4 year old boldly proclaimed in his presence.  

A little child shall lead them.
We believe that the Creator says what He means, and means what He says.  That the Creator does not need to
preserve His Sabbath in a pagan/papal/Roman/man-made/solar-only calendar.  We also believe (based on the
evidence) that Israel, a mere 2000 years ago, still had it right.  So what happened?

We provide the indisputable, irrefutable truth regarding the origin of the original Sabbath of Creation at no
charge.  This is NOT rebellion, this is Sabbath reform.  We do not worship the moon.  We worship the One who
CREATED the moon.  The One who said that the luminaries in the heavens were for signs, seasons, days and