Services Provided by Follow That Cloud Ministry  
Life-Raft Ministries...
We offer a wide variety of study topics on the Sacred Name issues, the Old and New covenants,
the Colossians 2:14-17 issue, the Law of Moses, feast days, and MANY others, available free.

Click here (link temporarily broken) for a complete list of free available material.  I will even pay
postage.  Just e-mail me your mailing address.  Send requests to  
Free studies, mailed or e-mailed
Free tri-folds to hand to friends and family to provoke thought
Free set of 5 dvd's covering nearly every detail of the Creation Calendar
Some studies available on Power Point.  Can be e-mailed as attachments
Will try to put you in contact with like minded believers in your area if you ask
Will pray for you and your family, please pray for ours
Crab Nebula, photo taken by Hubble Telescope
The Universe is big enough for all of us,
but there is only ONE truth!